After Paris (2005), Barcelona (2007), Bad Honnef (2009) and Amsterdam (2011), we are pleased to invite you to participate to the 5th European Cell Mech Conference, which will take place from September 28th to October 2nd 2013, in Obergurgl, a beautiful location in the Austrian Alps held by Innsbruck University. 

A key challenge in improving human health is to understand how cellular behavior arises from mechanical interactions at all scales, from molecular to organ levels. As in the previous editions, this conference will enlight the most recent trends of this wide and multidisciplinary field, covering physics, mechanics, and cell biology, and combining innovative experimental approaches based on micromechanics and imaging techniques, together with the development of new theoretical and numerical concepts dedicated to cell and tissue engineering. 

Besides a few keynote lectures given by renowned invited speakers, the conference will give the opportunity to young scientists to present their work to a broad and multidisciplinary audience. It seeks to create the conditions for the emergence of a new multidisciplinary network in this rapidly growing scientific field.

F. Gallet (chair), S. Hénon and D. Isabey (co-chairs)