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In the past decade we have witnessed a dramatic leap forward in the field of gamma-ray astronomy. There is now a plethora of new insights into high-energy processes in the universe available. Gamma rays are a unique probe of both high-energy astrophysics and dark matter in and outside our galaxy.


One significant difficulty in the quest for measuring dark matter particles shining in gamma rays lies in understanding the astrophysical backgrounds. Attacking this challenge is the main motivation of the conference. We will review the main observational facts of high- and very-high-energy gamma-ray astronomy, and will discuss their relevance for dark matter searches where possible.



We want to gather world-leading experts of dark matter phenomenology, dark matter searches in gamma rays, in high-energy astrophysics processes that produce gamma rays, and experimental aspects of gamma ray measurements in general, at this workshop in the Austrian Alps. We will have focused discussions bridging across different fields, and we will develop new synergetic ideas and future strategies in the search for dark matter shining in gamma rays.




Important dates 2015:


July 30th: Abstract submission for grants

August 17th: End early-bird registration  prolonged until September 14th

September 30th: End registration  prolonged until October 16th

December 7th: Arrival

December 7th – 11th: Scientific program